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The Most Difficult Items To Move

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The Most Difficult Items To Move

Oddly Shaped Items (Patio Furniture, BBQ, Large Children’s Toys)
Loading a moving truck is like a big game of Tetris. Square items are easy to load such as cartons and square furniture. Once you start getting into oddly shaped items like patio furniture or a swing set, things begin to get difficult. These items aren’t just hard to load but also awkward to carry.

Fragile Items (Art, Family Heirlooms, China)
These items are not hard to move but they require the utmost care and attention, even after being meticulously packed. Tips on packing art and pictures are here.

Large Furniture Items (Mattresses, Dressers, Sofas)
Big, bulky, and heavy. Enough said! Before moving these items make sure that you know where they are going to go and measure the door frames to be sure they will fit through.

Televisions these days are impressive and they are often the most expensive item being moved. They need to be packed properly, loaded properly, and treated with extra care. Tips on moving televisions here.

Most of the time these are driven to their destination, however, sometimes they need to be hauled by an auto carrier. Depending on where you are moving, there may be some paperwork required. For example, you will need to register your car in a new Province (or country), update the insurance, and transfer your driver’s license.

Heavy and fragile. Movers will not move the aquarium until it is properly emptied. Movers will not move the fish either. You will need to arrange additional transportation with a pet carrier, take them with you, or give them away. Tips on moving aquariums here.

Special Permit Required Items (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms)
Depending on your final destination, it could be illegal to import a certain type or a large quantity of alcohol, tobacco or firearms. You may need to obtain special permits or pay extra money to receive the right of taking such items with you – research the requirements in your future state and move your weapons in compliance with the rules.

Grandfather Clocks
Not very heavy but very fragile and often an antique. You must take care in disassembling them and care in making sure they are properly wrapped up and protected. Tips on moving grandfather clocks here.

Moving can be very traumatic for plants. They can also be very heavy depending on the planter. Most moving companies will not insure plants. They will move them, but they cannot ensure they will be green at the destination.

Appliances are not only big and heavy, but they often require special attention to have them moved. Most appliances need to be serviced by a 3rd party before they can be moved properly. For example, a certified technician is required to unhook the gas line from your stove/often. Also, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, a technician is also required to unhook the water line from your dishwasher, fridge, and washer. They must also be properly drained and dried to prevent mold while in transport or in storage.

Say no more. Pianos suck to move. They require proper disassembly depending on the type, and they are ALWAYS the heaviest item in the home.

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